Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free Titleist Pro V1's (March 7, 2011)

Hey all!
The email is on time this week, and we went golfing again this morning! We were up by 6 to get there early and hit the back nine just like last week. It's such a good deal. I didn't do as well as I was hoping. Turns out driving isn't all that impressive when you can't follow up with your short game...sorry dad. I'm getting better though. We may or may not go again next week, but I'll keep you posted. Oh and dad there's a grocery store down the street that sells peanut butter pretzels.
Let's see, what's been going on this week. We've had a bunch of meetings and hardly the amount of time to proselyte as I had originally anticipated. We had a leadership training meeting on Tuesday, specialized training all Wednesday and a district meeting on Friday. I didn't really want to have the district meeting considering all of the other trainings and meetings we were having, but the zone leaders hinted that I should have it anyways. I knew why right from the start. So Friday comes and we have a district meeting. Because it was such short notice I didn't assign any talks and made one up myself. The zone leaders joined us from the beginning, and shortly thereafter the AP's walk in too (assistants to the mission president). I knew that's why the zone leaders wanted me to have a district meeting. I'll admit it, I was a little nervous with the assistants in there. Nervous not like in a brown-nosing "oh man I look good in leadership" nervous, but more like a "shoot, of all the days they drop in it's the one day I didn't make any assignments and we're having a district meeting even though none of us want to be here right now" kind of nervous. The meeting actually went ok despite my lack of preparation.
The weather's been gorgeous lately, but it's going to get real hot real soon. It's already been in the high 80's a few days this week. On Saturday we were about four miles away from the apartment at an appointment and had to hurry back so we could get a ride to the stake center for a baptismal interview. We hauled tail to get back. We were sweaty and gross and I had to change into my suit. Sister Turville was waiting for us and as we came out to meet her, the other Elders called me saying that the interview was going to be rescheduled....and we didn't need to come back to the apartment after all. I figured I'm here, tired, sweaty, gross, in a suit and have a ride, so I asked if Sis. Turville would take us to 7-11 for Slurpees. She loved the idea. There's not much out there that beats an extra large cherry, pina colada and blue raspberry Slurpee. What made it even better was at night when the other Elders came home, they bought Slurpees too, both for them AND for us. Win. Turns out my day wasn't as disappointing as I thought it was.
We're still trying to follow up on those whom we met with last week. Brenden's dad is ok with us teaching him, but says he wants his son to visit other churches before making a decision. My biggest fear is that if and when he does go to another church BOOM: anti. We'll be stopping by again in two weeks. Brenden's pretty much made up his mind.  J.J. is another one we're working with. We taught him The Restoration last weekend and gave him a soft baptismal invitation. This weekend we gave him a direct invitation to be baptized. He looked confused and said, "Guys, I already told you that I will be baptized." We were both a little surprised to hear that. He said he wants to come to church and that he's interested in attending the baptism of someone else next weekend, just to see what it's like. All he asked for was a ride to church on Sunday. We went by yesterday morning 15 minutes before church with a member from the ward and he wasn't there. Ugh. That happens too. His friend is a recent convert in the ward, and said friend said he'd try and see him today to ask him what happened.
We taught an AWESOME lesson on the Atonement to Monika and Freddy this week. Because they know more Spanish than English, we really have to simplify our lessons into English that they can understand. It was one of those lessons that was simple, pure doctrine straight from scripture and honest testimony. Funny enough it was one of those lessons where I ended up teaching myself more than them. It was as if I noticed several scriptures in a different way than I had noticed them before. It's weird, I can't really explain it. It was definitely a spiritual experience for them and for me. They did not end up coming to church yesterday (we're going to fix this) but they look forward to our visits on Wednesday nights.
I hope things are going well with everyone back home. Mom, I hope you're feeling better, Sis I hope track is going well, and Dad you and I are playing 18 holes at Columbia Point when I come home, but hopefully that's not for a long time. Write back soon, take care and be good.
Much love,
Elder Eric James Turner

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