Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Email from 11/29/10

Hey everyone!
I hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving. I certainly did. We were really taken care of by our wards. Our Thanksgiving went a little like this: At noon we ate fried turkey at the Price's, at 1:00 pm we had fruit and snacks at the VanVliet's, at 2:00 another turkey meal at the Layton's, at 5:00 pie with the Johnsons and the McMurdies, and at 6:00 more pie and brownies with the Gibbons and the Juchaus. I was stuffed. Sister Johnson gave us a whole pie to take home and share (yeah right) with the other Elders in the apartment. Thanksgiving morning we had our P-Day and we went shopping way across town at the Walmart. Come to find out at night that Elder Abel accidently left his backpack in the cart while we were there in the morning. Sister Turville, bless her heart, came over to Avondale, picked us up and drove us to Walmart to go and find it. Somebody turned it in, and Elder Abel was pretty happy. On the way home we passed by a 7-11 and I asked if we could get Slurpees to celebrate, so we did. My treat. It's the first Slurpee I've had since I was home back in July. I really enjoyed Thanksgiving down here.
To my family, thank you SO much for the package. I got it on Tuesday this past week. Tuesday must have been "the day" for mail. I got three letters (including dad's card, for which I also give thanks), and a package. Elder Abel got a letter and a package. I think my favorite part of the package was either the pear jam (thank you grandma!) or the ginko leaves. I tried explaining the ginko tree to the Elders in the apartment, but it's one of those things you jsut kind of have to see. They said it sounded cool. The caramel wafers are gone, and I'm doing the best I can to save the Milka and Nutella for emergencies...it's pretty hard though. I absolutely loved it, thank you again.
Alrighty, so the pictures this week. The first is a picture of the sky on our way to an appointment. It's maybe 5:45pm in the picture, but the clouds looked really cool. They reminded me a lot of the sunsets back home. 
The next two pictures need a bit of explaining, so here we go. Two nights ago (Saturday), Elder Abel and I were riding along in uppre Villa de Paz after dark, which is sketchy enough to begin with. All of a sudden we here barking and these two pitbulls start chasing after us. Naturally, I freak. They didn't bite or anything, they just started running along side us. They followed us for nearly a mile as we looped in and out of the neighborhood streets. We eventually pull over and they just wanted to play. So we played! They loved to be pet, and jsut wanted attention. For pitbulls, they were pretty friendly. I was afraid that they'd tear my face off, but they were pretty cool. A guy came outside and gave them snacks so we could get away. We went up north to see a few more people and as we came back down 111th to go home, there they were again! They kept following us, but they left once we got to Indian School Rd. Pretty funny. Who woulda' thought I'd play with two pitbulls on my mission?

This week has been pretty good, it's just been difficult to teach because lots of people were busy or out of town for Thanksgiving. Neither Stephanie nor Michele came to church this week, and we haven't heard from Julius in two weeks. We stopped by Michele last night and she seemed to be feeling better. She was cooking, which was a first for us to see.  A lot of appointments fell through this week, so we tracted. We met some nice people, and some not so nice people too. Last week we actually received a referral for a guy named Lenny Diecidue. We taught him the Restoration last week, and taught him the Plan of Salvation this week. He's maybe 21, and in a wheelchair. I'm not sure as to what his condition his, but his hands and feet are quite large, and he has scars on his hands. He says that all throughout his childhood he was teased and bullied. He's amazing because he just brushes it off and moves on. He loves reading the scriptures and was very  eager to begin reading the Book of Mormon. We read him Moroni's promise in Moroni 10:3-5. As soon as we finished that he said, "WOW! That's good stuff!!!" Now he's planning on being baptized on Dec. 18th. Because of his age, he actually should be going to the Single's Branch, so the YSA Elders are teaching him now. It was great to meet him though.
It's been a wonderful Thanksgiving week and I'm so excited for the Christmas season. I'm planning on buying a mini tree and a single strand of lights for the apartment. I want to put socks on the wall by the tree. I even want to go as far as getting a small something for each of the Elders. I'm already figuring out their favorite candies, so that should be a good start. I hope everyone's doing well at home and I love you all. I miss you but I absolutely love what I'm doing. Keep sending letters, I always look forward to them. Until next week, take care and be good.
Much love,
Elder Eric James Turner

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