Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Believe (May 29, 2012)

Hey everyone!

I have more pictures to send home, but this computer I'm on isn't
exactly cooperating right now. I'll just send this one. While biking
east on Dunlap, we saw this wall and snapped a picture of a little
morning scripture study. Another picture I wanted to include is of
Elder Nield. He sunburns REALLY easily and it's a picture of his arms
on the one afternoon he forgot sunscreen. He learned that lesson once!
Boy he got roasted!

The week itself was a little slower than we wanted. So many
appointments fell through! I'm used to these kinds of things
happening, but this week was just too many to count. Splits fell
through, appointments, investigators not coming to church, just a lot.
It was almost comical. Earlier in the week we had a zone conference
and had a guest speaker from the Buckeye stake presidency. He spoke
about some experiences he had on his mission, including the "perfect
day." He said they had some five or six back to back to back teaching
appointments in the day, and a baptism of a couple at the end of the
evening. One by one, every appointment fell through. At least they had
the baptism to look forward to. Once they got to the church, the
family never showed up, and weren't baptized. You could see a lot of
missionaries nodding their heads in agreement, because that happens!
He said, "Elders and Sisters, the next day I woke up. I was still a
missionary. I put on my tag and got back out to work. They work went
forward." It was just a reassurance that those days happen, that you
cowboy up and get back to serving. Like I said, pretty funny
considering what happened to most of our appointments!

The best part of the week was the lesson we had with John, a
less-active brother in the ward. The bishop had asked us to see him,
and we did on Wednesday night. We set another appointment for Friday
morning. He expressed that he still believes the church is true, but
because of too many mistakes the guilt kept him from attending on
Sunday. I was rather blunt with him when I told him that those
thoughts were not from his Heavenly Father. We continued by helping
him understand things that would help him fight against Satan. Elder
Nield's invitation trumped it all when he said these words, "John,
will you kick Satan's butt and come to church this Sunday?" John got a
good laugh out of that one and said he would. He came to church and
stayed just for sacrament meeting. I spoke in sacrament meeting this
week and when I finished, I looked to Elder Nield and John, and John
gave a big thumbs up from the back row! I had a big smile on for the
rest of the meeting. That there was worth all of the appointments that
fell through. He's making steps to having the Holy Ghost more in his
life, and he knows that it's the right time for him to do it.

There was another cottage meeting at the Cathcart's home on Sunday
night. Pres' Cathcart and Bingham did a few more songs, including one
I hadn't heard before called, "If I Believe." I love the chorus, and I
hope it illustrates what we're trying to do out here:

"Could I make the world better by doing some good?
Could I look for the lost till they're found?
Could I help move a mountain in somebody's life,
Or lift up the head that hangs down?"

It's such a beautiful song. I'm grateful that I was able to hear it.
I'll be singing it throughout the week. Concern for the one, it's
always been about that. The work moves forward! I'm just amazed at how
quickly Elder Nield is progressing. He's such a great missionary! If
anything, these weeks are helping shape him into the powerful servant
of the Lord that he is going to become. I sure love this place. I look
forward to hearing from you all very very soon. Take care and be good.

Much love,
Elder Eric James Turner

Scripture Study Phoenix-style!

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